New Cocktails for Spring

I know it hasn’t felt much like it recently, but it is almost springtime. Any day now, the sun will be shining, the birds will be singing, the winter coat will go back in the closet for another year, and we’re going to trade the whiskys and stouts of the cold season for something more light and refreshing. Well, mostly, anyway. Whatever your taste may be this spring, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Nothing says warm weather drinking like a traditional Moscow Mule. Vodka, ginger beer, and fresh lime (if someone tries to give you Rose’s, you’re in the wrong place for this drink) come together in a beautiful copper mug for a deliciously cooling cocktail. The mug even stays cold longer for lazy patio sipping on balmy days. For a change of pace, try our Mile Mule, where we substitute Powers Irish whiskey for the vodka. It’s just as refreshing, but with just a hint of the smoke from the whiskey. Both are $7.

Speaking of Powers, we’re featuring the James Joyce on the menu this season as well. It’s an unexpected, but amazing combination of Powers, Cointreau, sweet vermouth and fresh lime, shaken and strained into a martini glass. This sophisticated little number can also be had for $7.

Not quite ready to jump straight into the hard liquor? We can handle that. How about a couple of cider based drinks? The Cider in Black is a simply marvelous combination of Strongbow hard cider and blackcurrant syrup. Not a huge Strongbow fan? We’re happy to substitute Magners instead. The Cider in Black is only $4.50. Or, try a Spiced Apple for something with a little kick. We take a bit of Fireball cinnamon whiskey, a touch of Drambuie honey liqueur, and some more hard cider, and put them together. For only $6, you can enjoy a highball of that. It’s going to be great on the rainy, stay inside sort of nights that spring brings.

Feeling creamy? Okay, we’ve got you. The Strawberry Shortcake martini combines Three Olives Strawberry vodka, Irish cream, and Chambord raspberry liqueur in a way you won’t soon forget. How about some pineapple? The Royal Coconut has it in spades, in juice form, along with Malibu coconut rum and RumChata cream liqueur, shaken together for a fresh, sweet, slightly tart beverage. Enough with the fruit already? How about a Root Beer Swirl? We take Three Olives Vanilla vodka, Irish cream, and root beer and serve it up on the rocks. Desert? Yes please. All three can be yours for $6 each.

Then again, we promised you refreshing, didn’t we? You’re looking for the kind of drink that screams summer. The kind that will make you think of a beach somewhere, or at least a hammock after mowing the lawn. Whether one is attending the Henley Royal Regatta, Wimbledon, or just a polo match or garden party, the finest people will be drinking a Pimm’s Cup. You are one of the finest people, aren’t you? Our version of the classic includes Pimm’s, cucumber, fruit, and a tart and refreshing blend of mixers for only $6.

Fruit content will vary depending on availability.

Perhaps you’d prefer a bit of the bubbly. The Peach Fizz comes with peach sparkling wine, Chambord raspberry liquor, and soda water for only $6. Or, try a Sunnie Spritzer. Named for our own delightfully refreshing bartender (it is her creation, after all), this light and effervescent drink is made with Chardonnay, some more of that wonderful peach Champagne, fresh lemon, and soda water. I’m a pretty dedicated beer and whisky drinker, and even I can’t stop with these $7 glasses of awesome.

So there you go guys, our spring cocktail list. Come in and try one (or more) any time. Plus, with our new daily specials, you can try any one of the drinks above for only $5 on Friday and Saturday. Of course, we’re more than happy to make you pretty much any classic cocktail you’d care to name as well, so don’t feel limited. I’ll have more on the daily specials next time, but our focus then will be breakfast (starting Saturdays and Sundays at 8 AM March 15). Just another reason to rediscover the Royal Mile. Until then, happy tippling.

About Sean

Sean is pretty new to the Royal Mile, but he's worked for Full Court Press for almost five years, and he's been a part of the central Iowa bar and restaurant scene for longer that he cares to admit. He enjoys stouts, pale ales, scotch, growing facial hair, long walks on the beach, cuddling, run on sentences and sarcasm.
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