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Those of you who have been in recently and talked to one of us about scotch may have heard about our long term plans to start our own tasting club. I mean, where else in town do you go to sample the finest uisge beatha? Here at the Mile, whisky is big part of what makes us who we are. It’s in our soul. Without that magical wall of awesomeness, we’re nothing (except a place with great beer, amazing atmosphere, killer food, and one of the best staffs in town).

Well, by the beard of Zeus, the time has come. Next Tuesday, May 6th the Burgundy Club will be called to order for the first time. Named for the renowned media personality and lover of scotch, the Burgundy Club will celebrate scotch, and all the fine things that go along with a world class whisky; good times, good people, a loose tongue, and an open heart. Oh, and Rob’s probably going to quote the movie a lot.

Each event is going to be a little different, and will take place roughly every month, but they’ll all center on tasting, with a side of education. Every event will include at least four 1/2 oz tasters of different scotches, as well as a bite to eat. Price will vary, depending on what we’re eating and drinking, and we’ll throw you a curveball with the format from time to time. If you guys want to hang out for a while after the tasting, we’re going to go ahead and open the Monk just for Club members, and we’ll have various games to play in the always cozy clubhouse atmosphere upstairs. Of course, you can also just get to know other people with really great taste.

The event on the 6th will be headlined by Peter Karras, Master of Scotch for Pernod Ricard USA. He’ll lead the tasting (which will focus on The Glenlivet), lay some education on us, and answer any questions you might have. We’ll open the area upstairs at around 6 PM. Feel free to settle in, maybe order a beer to kick things off. If you’d like more than the little bite to eat we’ll be providing, our servers will be glad to hook you up with anything from our menu. The tasting proper will begin at around 7. Since we’re somewhat limited in space upstairs, we’re going to limit the number of participants to 50. Spots are going fast, so RSVP soon so we save you a spot. You can send us an email at an account we’ve created just for Club business,

If for some reason, you can’t make the event, or if we’ve sold out by the time you get to us, you can still join the Burgundy Club. Membership includes a personalized tasting notebook, your very own scotch tasting glass, the prestige associated with joining such an elite group, and first dibs on all future Club events. You can join by emailing us at the above address, or just stop in and we’ll inscribe your name in the Book of Burgundy.

The event on the 6th will be $15. Annual membership in the Burgundy Club will also be $15. All costs will be payable on the night of the event, and Club membership can be purchased any time at the Mile.

In other scotch news, we expect our new flight boards to come in sometime next week. We’ll have at least two (more if I can keep the bartenders from revolting) sample flights available very soon. Plus, we’ve brought in six all new scotches in the last few weeks. I’ll give you the rundown on those next time, but for now, I think I’ve rambled on enough. If you can make it to the event, want to join the club (or both, of course) or just want to stop in, we hope to see you soon. Until then, you stay classy, Des Moines. Happy tippling.

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Sean is pretty new to the Royal Mile, but he's worked for Full Court Press for almost five years, and he's been a part of the central Iowa bar and restaurant scene for longer that he cares to admit. He enjoys stouts, pale ales, scotch, growing facial hair, long walks on the beach, cuddling, run on sentences and sarcasm.

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